Greenland; Part 1, an extract from my diary

Posted On December 7, 2011

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So, again going through my old Bebo account I found another blog entry. This blog entry is an extract from a diary I kept when I was in Greenland for a month.  I was in Greenland for a month in the summer of 2006. Myself and another teacher, along with other adults, took 40 students on a trip to Greenland for a Duke of Edinburgh exhibition. The month consisted of kayaking, trekking and a residential. There were three groups of students and they all did each activity on a rota. It was an amazing experience (looking back on it). As the students were keeping a diary, I decided to also. It was tough going, I will write more about the experience later, but for now here is an extract from my diary. Please bear in mind, this was written 22 days into a trip where we were camping, had no running water, were constantly on the move, and were carrying our own food for the whole trip, needless to say, a bit of insanity kicked in.

“Day 22

The four of us started a fire to keep warm. We were chatting. Amanda stood up. She saw something. We all stood. We all saw it. It was a fox. We didn’t have time to determine if it was rabid. We grabbed rocks (well, I grabbed my camera). We watched it scuttle from bush to bush. Before anyone launched an assault I took some pics. Amanda launched the first assault. It was hit on the head and ran. It can back and sniffed its enemy (the rock). Next was Peter, but his gammy arm made him miss. A well positioned rock helped the rock ricochet. The rock hit it. The fox was gone. For how long?? We went places in twos from now on. The fear of rabies had caught hold. Burning stuff is strangely relaxing. That is until Aalish burns stuff. It all went quiet, until………….BANG. A small explosion unnerved us again. We flinched. Peter remained motionless. Is he dead? No, just in shock. Amanda forgot to remove a glass bottle. We could have died!!! We didn’t.
After some comforting conversations (about rabies) we retired to our tents, trying to sleep, but the excitement of the evening combated lethargy. Lethargy is winning………”


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